My Motivation

So why am I doing this?  Well, to start with, it is my way of forcing myself to be more accountable for myself.  It is not that I dislike myself or lack self-worth.  I am just a very busy person with a schedule created mostly by the needs of my family, and I haven’t had time to do much about me at all.

Sound familiar?  For some of you, living a healthy lifestyle is as natural as waking up in the morning.  I naturally wake up in the morning too, but then prefer to fall back to sleep and try to ignore the chaos around me.

Some of you have established exercise routines. I have a very established routine…don’t do it on any day ending in ‘Y”.  Yep, that’s me all over!

In addition to schedules, work and general kid/home things, I also have a child with an illness requiring a great deal of attention, clinic visits etc.  My other child also needs help getting though this rough stage in our lives.  I am not telling you this to gain sympathy….I’ve had more than enough of that and cherish it all, but rather this is the place where I am going to work beyond those constraints and become healthier….more able to be there for both my kids!

I am going to create a page which details my current status.  I will be open, honest and brutal.  I know I am not particularly overweight and some may think I am being overdramatic about my need to get my arse into gear.  (Oh, I’m British, so you may get a few Britishisms  thrown in…just comment on any need for translation and I’ll be happy to oblige) – arse means butt, tush, rear end, bottom etc…and mine needs a good kick to get it going!

Botton line (ouch – sorry), I need to become healthier.  I cannot get through a day without almost crying with tiredness by three o’clock pm.  I dread the day to day grind, even ‘fun’ time with my kids has become a chore.  So, while I may not need to drop more than about ten fifteen twenty pounds, I DO need better health and energy.  I hope to blog and track my progress…success and failure all!

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