Day One

Today I got up at 5:30 and worked on some strength training.  I only had fifteen minutes so the exercises had to really count.  These exercises came from The Suddenly Bare Workout Health & Fitness:

Cross-Arm Punch:                                                                                         Twisting Lunge:                            

After three reps, my time was up and I had to get ready for the day….see previous posts for the schedule I have to keep.  I was proud that I began at all and actually felt more awake.

Dog walk: 10 minutes brisk pace.

Breakfast: 3 Breakfast sausages eaten in the car, coffee with fat-free half-and-half and Splenda

No snack…too busy

Lunch:  left-over Penne Vodka (about 1/4 of the original serving size from the restaurant.

Snack: Atkins snack bar

Dinner: Brayers YoCrunch Fruit Parfait lowfat yoghurt, Special K with 2% milk

Drank one regular coffee and one decaf coffee.  Half a can of Coke Zero.  Water with added Vitamin C powder.  Plus about 8 more oz of water.

Evening walk with dog: about 15 minutes, irregular pace due to youngest riding his bike.

Overall feeling by evening: Wrecked!!!! Just want my bed 🙂

Goal tomorrow: Do more of the Suddenly Bare Workout in the morning and get to dance class in the evening.

I love to hear from you!

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