Fitness Journal

Having so little time in the day means that I have to break up my workouts.  I know I want to tone up, so strength training each day would be ideal.  I also want to become more active and increase my cardio work.

This morning I managed to fit in a longer walk with the dog at a very brisk pace.  In fact, the poor dog didn’t get much time to do his business!  I doubled (at least) my distance and speed and was delighted to find that my  morning routine was not impacted too greatly.  I did not manage the Glamor shape-up as well, there simply was not enough time. Remember I have to get out the house with the kids all ready by 7am.  I felt awake and energized which is rare for me these days.

A major goal was achieved in the evening.  I managed to get the boys settled and organized in time to go to my dance class.  Okay, in all honesty,  I can always be ready for the dance class but mommy guilt, combined with sheer exhaustion, often leads me to believe they simply won’t cope without me.  It turned out that the scheduled dance class was actually a rehearsal for a show the company is putting on in June.   I almost ran out the room when I saw the costume we will be wearing.  New goal:  LOSE 10lbs!!!    I know I said I was more interested in being healthy, and I’m certainly not vain, but oh my goodness!  This dress is just not for me right now.  This is as close a depiction as I could find:

Rehearsal lasted almost two hours.  Because it was not purely a dance class, and we were working on choreography for a stage show, there was a lot of stopping and starting.  I did feel like I got some good cardio in, nonetheless.  My calves were killing me and my legs definitely got a work out.  
I am now committed to dancing at least once a week for rehearsal and I have even more motivation to get my butt to other classes or some other workout.  I really don’t want to look like an elephant on that stage!
  • 3 breakfast sausages
  • Salad, gorgonzola cheese, mushrooms and guacamole
  • cereal bar
  • Special K with 2% milk before dance
  • Special K with 2% milk after dance
  • coffee x2
  • about 24oz water (some with aded vitamin C powder)

I love to hear from you!

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