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It seems I forgot all about this blog…I have one off in a different universe for other bloggy-type things…and my body sure does give away my lax ways!  You see, the summer came and my resolve to look after myself disappeared with the lazy days by the pool, the myriad sports events I had to SIT and watch (I enjoyed them but didn’t play any sports myself), and the idea of dragging myself to a gym now that dance classes are over just turned my stomach.  I had things to do, people!  I had kids to entertain!

I’ve just finished some lovely leftovers from a Chinese take-out we ordered for Family Night last night. I am not feeling proud or in anyway pleased with myself.  Here’s the breakdown:

Chinese Chicken and Broccoli with Garlic Sauce is high in sodium, 701.6mg per serving, to be exact!  That is IF I only eat one serving, but the take-out portions are usually much bigger.  Okay, I do break up the portions and eat left-overs the next day….but still!

There is some nutritional value from the protein in the chicken and all that the vegetables have to offer, but how they are prepared will really effect the quality of their nutritional value.

If I was to cook this at home I would use cooking spray.  This would provide 27.2 mg of cholesterol, whereas my restaurant prepared dish may be even higher.  Eeek!!!

Sweet as I may be, I am even sweeter now I have consumed 5.1 grams of sugar (if I stick to one real serving size) and my daily amount of sugar should not exceed 25 grams.

There are minerals that benefit my body such as Potassium and Iron.  Something to feel good about, finally!

According to the Livestrong site….my meal has it’s pros and cons.  I have too much sodium pumped into me for sure.  I will have to watch my sugar intake for the rest of the day, and I really HAVE to consider buying a wok and making my own version of this meal.

So, without further ado, I am here to say, ‘Hello, I’m back!” and I really mean it this time.

Okay, now to check my stats…oh, I’m dreading this!

Here are the last stats taken before I fell off the wagon with my new stats in shameful red:

Weight: 146lbs – 145lbs
Height: 5’6″ – 5’6″
Waist: 33.5″ –  34″
Chest: 37.5″  – 37.5″
Hips:39.5″ –  40.5″
Thigh:23″ –  23″

Now those stats take some analyzing!  Basically I can see I have lost muscle (muscle weighing more than the flabby fat I now have). My hips and belly carry my weight…those hips are a shock!  I have not shrunk and my chest is the same…thankfully I don’t have to measure the effects of gravity 🙂

I did take the dog for a longer than usual walk today but did allow him too may pit stops to really classify myself as having exercised.

Tomorrow I will think about reasonable goals to set and follow.  Summer is still here and I know I need to schedule myself more.  I know one thing I’ll do….find some blogs with sage advice and go from there.

Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/article/417951-the-sodium-nutrition-in-chinese-chicken-with-broccoli/#ixzz1UxWb2jAK

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