Back to School Lunches

After searching a little for BPA-free products and seeing some of the prices, I came across those pictured above in my local Stop and Shop!  The lunchbox kit has a built-in icepack and fits, what I would call, a decent sized lunch.

 I tend to do smorgasbord of things, and the kids love it.  They get a cold-cut or cold chicken from a roast the night before, raw fruits and veggies, and yoghurt, or organic Mac n’ Cheese in a thermos.  I use a small portion of the Mac n’ Cheese as part of the meal, rather than make it the whole meal…hoping to create a more balanced diet. One son love sandwiches so he will get those also…but always with raw fruits and veggies.

I decided to place a house-hold ban on dishwashing or microwaving ANYTHING plastic.  That has been my rule anyway, but Hubby tended to ignore it, and I was not as diligent as I should have been in enforcing it.  I think he got the message, however, when I threw out any plastic cup, plate, or container that had been used in the forbidden manner, and told him I will do the same again if he breaks the rule, and I wouldn’t replace them this time…remember he has a sound sensitivity to ceramic dishes and cutlery!!!

To store cooked foods which tend to be hot or warm when you put them into the container, I purchased the item below (several, actually, in different sizes).  These came from Home Goods so were very inexpensive and made of glass with a PBA-free lid.  So far, things have worked out very well.

Here’s my overall take:  Sometimes plastic is just more practical: I don’t want my kids breaking their backs carrying bags filled with glass containers to school!!!  I also have to stay married to Hubby…he has his good points….so I am willing to compromise to an extent.  However, plastic is NOT meant to suffer heat, freezing or microwaves. I won’t risk any of these things, even if the claim says it is safe.  Lead and asbestos were safe once!!!!

I love to hear from you!

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