A Better Me

Many people start the New Year with a plan to get fit, lose weight, stop (fill in your own word).  I don’t make New Year’s resolutions, mainly because I believe that once made,  they are easily broken, and then one feels like crap for being a failure!  Ever the pessimist am I!

However, the past two and a half years have led me to devote ALL of me to my family and some!  Read here to see why (but come straight back as this is not a sob story post).  I need to remember that all the good things I do for my family, all the advice I give myself about keeping them healthy, needs to apply to ME too!  Can you believe I actually don’t eat all the great organic foods my kids eat?  Instead I down a quick bowl of cereal (ceramic of course), while feeling like I need to sleep for a year.

Well, that needs to change.  I have reached the point that I cannot stand being so exhausted all the time.  I have the will to do all sorts of things, my darn body just won’t let me!!!

So I am starting A Better Me. My own plan for myself….for me…just me….moi!

I will always hold true to my belief that a healthy mom leads to a happy family, I just forgot to do it…duh!  So I am changing my ways.  Hard to do when all I want to do is sleep…literally!  (If you didn’t click on here, now is a good time so you don’t think I’m just plain nuts.)  There are ways to approach this change which may be successful, or not!.  So I am going to map out small steps to achieve my goal:  A Better Me

1. Find a way to drag my butt out to a class of some kind…one that I will enjoy and keep doing.

2. Resume home-cooked meals at night rather than ordering in, cereal or quick-cook pizza

3. Actually take the vitamins I have in the cupboard!

4. Begin a schedule for keeping on top of the housework – one that is realistic and includes help from the whole family

5. Drink more water – five  8oz glasses.  (And while I’m at it, water the plants that I KNOW are improving the air quality in my house)

6. GO TO BED AT A REASONABLE TIME EVERY NIGHT!!! (New Year’s Eve will be an exception)

Okay, so I have six manageable steps for me.  I will add more as I master these.  Some will take practice…making a habit out of them rather than a chore.  Some I do already for my boys, so I just need to add me into the mix!

What are you doing to become a Better Me?  Let me know.  Also feel free to add some suggestions to help me achieve my goal… I’m gonna need some help.

34 comments on “A Better Me

  1. Oh my goodness. I very recently found your blog and started following you because I enjoy your writing style and what you have to say. I did not know about your son until I just clicked on the above link. I do not know what to say.
    I stopped by tonight to let you know I gave you the Kreativ Blogger Award in my latest post. I am looking forward to reading more about you and your family. I hope some of my readers find you and like you as much as I have. Hugs.

    • Hi Shoes,
      I gave the link more as an explanation of my exhaustion. My son is now fine…monthly blood draws to make sure he stays that way, but otherwise the worst is over. Thank you so much for enjoying my blog and giving me this wonderful award. I will post about it in the New Year…hope you don’t mind the delay?
      I am so glad we ‘met’ through this blogging fun…I will be over to read your blog very often 🙂
      Happy New Year! xx

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    • Thanks so much for dropping by this blog. I really hope I stick to it. I’ve already begun drafting a new shopping list with ME being considered more 🙂

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  4. If I made a shopping list with ME in mind, Rod would be getting brussels sprouts and liver for dinner, and we would have lots of skinny cheetos, hot and spicy Doritos, skim milk(Rod simply refuses to drink it!). Seriously, though, one thing we don’t have in the larder is junk food. It makes me feel WAY too guilty! The only take-out we ever eat is Papa Murphey’s Mediterranean thin crust pizza that I bake at home, and the only time we get that is when I have a very long class and am just too tired to cook.

    I’m glad your little boy is doing better. No wonder you have PTSD!

    • Hi Judie,
      Thanks for coming by. I find it very difficult to keep ME in mind when shopping but I am determined to give myself the good stuff I try to give the boys. Hubby can join me or not…sounds a little harsh, but I have to take charge of it 🙂 Thanks for the kind words about my son. he is on the mend!

  5. you CAN do this. you’re already on the right path, making yourself a priority and striving to balance your needs with your family’s. i look forward to reading your future posts!!

    • Thank you for giving me the nudge and support I need. I am so glad I posted this idea…I was going to just do it without saying anything. I think sharing helps 🙂

  6. A Better Me- I love it! I started a blog with a similar theme called Project: ReplenishMEent. It is about my journey towards becoming the vibrant women I was before I had my daughter. It is time to replenish Mama! LOL

    I would love for you to check it out, we could inspire each other and all the mothers out there!

  7. Sounds like you’ve got some great plans for the New Year, and I would like to adopt some of them myself. Especially the cooking healthy one. That is definitely on my list.

    Hope the New Year brings you increased peace.


  8. Nice to meet you and thank you for visiting my centus posting
    Firstly you have created a liste any numbskull ( especially the one tying at the moment ) could easily follow.
    Secondly checky Sidetracked home executive AKA SHE system I have it all set up ( dont be stupid of course I dont follow it ) and it works when used as intended.
    Then there is the wonderful wall planner meal planner which untill all the ex husband left and the kids got married ect I followed.
    I used to get the kids to write their meal on a certain day they wanted and as there were 6 of us it worked well as Sunday was always a roast and I took Mondays as I knew I could knock a meal up with leftovers.
    Now comes the harder part ME I am fat overweight splitting at the seams ( thats just the clothes I must add
    I am going into hospital on 17th for major back surgery and I am using that along with my adorable grandson as a way to slim down and fit up.
    I would love us to be a support to each other look forward to your reply

    • Hi Tracy,
      I’m glad the ideas ere useable for others…as you will see in later posts, I’m still a major work in progress! Good luck with the back surgery and I am glad you have motivation to become healthier…especially one so cute as a grandson!!! You certainly have my support…if you don’t blog your progress, please let me know here.
      Gems xxx

  9. Ok its me again I have now read your other blog well that is a total FABRICATION I have read a bit of it.
    I was on a downward spiral in August 2009 when my husband phoned yes phoned to say he was not coming home , I relied on my faith and friends until the following January when I had to visit my GP he asked how I was and I just broke down I am now about to enter 3rd year of anti depressants I have tried to come off a couple of times but to no avail I am now waiting till post surgery but it is my goal to be meds free and healthier bythe time I turn 50 on Jan 7th 2013.
    There were times in my journey over the last couple of years when I have thought is it worth going on. Now I know it is and I can not wait to see what life has to offer me .

    • Thank you so much for bravely sharing this, Tracy. My mom went through something very similar but ended up with Lupus…stress triggered it. You are on your way to a new you….literally…with excellent goals that make me feel like I am able to kick my butt into shape too. I am so glad you have friends and faith to support you too…it helps 🙂 I agree that you should wait until after surgery before making drastic changes. One thing I learned through the journey I recount on my other blog is to take one day at a time, but keep moving forward!
      Please keep in touch and let me know how everything is going.
      Gems xxx

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  15. You know that idea that it takes three weeks to put a new habit in place? Well, for me, it may take three weeks to put it in place, but if I add another habit to it, I will drop habit #1 for habit #2. Let’s just say I am very resistant to change. So, all I am tackling for 2012 is flossing my teeth once a day because I hate to do it. So far I have only missed two nights — which is pretty good. The challenge will be not to drop it in February.

    • I hear you…I am trying to do a few things and some are taking off, some are forgotten already unless I go back and read them….still working on the pin board to remind me of my goals!!! I think your goal is wonderful; healthy teeth are one of the main keys to a healthy body. Good luck with it and I hope you keep it up into February. I’ll be checking in to see!

  16. I love your plan! We started out with great intents but our kitchen has been ripped out entirely and I’m ending up making anything that can be prepared in a crockpot. Not too healthy…although I am buying fruit every day!

    Good luck!

    • It is so hard coping with renovations but worth it in the end. I have never use a crockpot but actually want to. Lots of veggies and the right sauce makes the dishes delicious! Hope the kitchen is done soon 🙂

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