A Better Me: Restorative Yoga Workshops – Free

A Better Me is a new project involving steps I plan to take to find more energy and better health.  Read about my project here.   A wonderful  way to release the tension in my body is with physical exercise.  Here is the plan for this step:

I have decided to put an end to my exhaustion once and for all.  My doctor has given me the all clear as far as physical issues are concerned…I am fit apparently!  But now I need to get the sluggishness out and some zing in.  One of the ways I plan on accomplishing my goal is to begin a yoga class.  I have tried some classes over the years, and I tend to post myself at the back struggling and shaking like a leaf as I hold a ridiculous position for longer than my body can handle.  The result is often more fatigue and stress, a feeling of failure, and the determination never to go back!

Then I heard about Restorative Yoga, a practice where the body is taught to relax and de-stress.  Now that is more like it!  I was with delight that I discovered there is a free class offered  in my area.  Click here to go to the information.  It also explains Restorative Yoga better  than I can.  If you live further afield, I have heard that many Yoga studios offer trial classes.  If they are not offered on the website or in the literature, give them a call and ask…you never know?  I find it works a treat.

So I am putting my Goal into motion….I am actively seeking a physical remedy for my exhaustion.

What are you doing to help yourself?  Have you broken your goals down into smaller, manageable steps?  Are you willing to put yourself first for a while and believe in the mantra…healthy mom, happy family!  

10 comments on “A Better Me: Restorative Yoga Workshops – Free

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  2. I have absolutely broken down my goals for the year into attainable, and sustainable, shifts for myself and my family. I will wholeheartedly join you at one of these local Restorative classes. Having taken them while on vacation, they truly are bliss. Why not make that vacation “treat” a part of my week? Thank you for letting me know about Harmony. I cannot wait to try a class there! – Eila

    • So glad you will be joining me. We an get our butts motivated together 🙂 I have never taken one but look forward to the chance to let it all go!

  3. okay…maybe my one cup of coffee/day limit is causing me to be a bit blurry but I don’t see any mention of Harmony’s address on the website? it just says the glenbrook/springdale area of stamford…

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