Forgetful Mommy!

FORGETFUL!  That has been me of late.  Not just now and again, but all the time!
Take today for example: I prepared the lunches this morning and toddled off to work with the kids ready for school, only to discover that the lunch bags were still sitting on the kitchen counter instead of in the car!  ”Bother!” I said to myself…or something along those lines.
By lunchtime I had forgotten to call the doctor to cancel an appointment that  I only remembered I had this morning, thus had not arranged for someone to pick up the kids, hence the need to cancel….
At pick up, I had my youngest son’s backpack all ready to go, turned to talk to someone and promptly walked off to the car without said backpack!
Now I am home with my stale lunches, the backpack is still at school, and I am sure there is something I need to do now, I have just forgotten what it is!!!

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