Making time for all the things that need to be done takes…time! My oldest son is turning ten tomorrow, so you would think I would have mastered the art of timekeeping with kids. “NO!!! Not I,” said the Mom.


I am as bad at scheduling as when I first came home from the hospital with my new bundle of joy. Actually, no, I am worse! I did put said bundle on a schedule (he still bossed me around way too much) and I had some sort of system in place, but now I often feel lost at sea, bobbing along with so many well-intentioned ideas about getting through the chores, bills, activities, homework, family time, exercising, cooking, blogging, and having time for me.

Time is not on my side…wrinkles and grey hairs are the visual signals (okay, I had the grey hairs at 24, but there are more now) and then there are the things left to do at the end of each day. I can cope with the wrinkles, not the ‘to do‘ list!

I have marveled at many a post on scheduling housekeeping and chores, planning shopping trips with a menu for the week, and budgeting tips that allot $100 per week for a family of four and wondered how on earth they did it all. Please don’t think I am attacking these amazing bloggers…they really DO IT. I can’t. Period.

Instead of wallowing in Grinch-style self-loathing, I have decided to go with small improvements over time. Remember my New Years Resolutions? Let’s revisit to see how they are going as they were small steps towards me being the person I wanted to be.  My goals for A Better Me were:

1. Find a way to drag my butt out to a class of some kind…one that I will enjoy and keep doing.

2. Resume home-cooked meals at night rather than ordering in, cereal or quick-cook pizza

3. Actually take the vitamins I have in the cupboard!

4. Begin a schedule for keeping on top of the housework – one that is realistic and includes help from the whole family

5. Drink more water – five 8oz glasses. (And while I’m at it, water the plants that I KNOW are improving the air quality in my house)

6. GO TO BED AT A REASONABLE TIME EVERY NIGHT!!! (New Year’s Eve will be an exception)


1.  I would say I am getting there. I am looking at various classes and now await the opening of a new dance school where I can strut my stuff with Zumba, jazz etc each week. I have also just popped on the sneakers and worked out with my kids, so I am on track with exercise to an extent. More on that in a later post.

2.  We have been eating much better of late. I am cooking more and we only order in on Fridays for family night. I realized Hubby was not always going to be a part of the evening meal so I just went forward with the boys and I as happy chompers. We have enjoyed family breakfasts also which have given us some yummy protein to start our day.

3.  I HAVE taken my vitamins every day. Smug look in face. 🙂

4.  As you can tell from my rant above, I have not developed the art of scheduling. I am not abandoning ship, just accepting it ain’t happening yet. I need TIME to work on that!

5.  Umm… Well… I dooo try so hard to drink more water, but teaching means I can’t pee when I need to so I find it very uncomfortable; still need to work on that one. I usually drink more in the evening as I’m so gosh darn thirsty by then. I have, However, always been called a camel by my mom as I never consumed liquid!

6.  I have noticed a difference when I drag my butt to bed before midnight. In fact, if I can be under the covers by 10pm, I find I fall asleep more easily. I have actually been clocking several hours of sleep each night. It feels wonderful!

2 comments on “Time

  1. Sounds like you’re doing awesome! Thanks for sharing this 🙂 I’m trying to figure out that balance too, with TIME. I’m a single mommy (pretty recent) and I’ve been trying to figure out how to make it all work now. Reading this helped give me some peace of mind, so thank you for that.

    • So glad you found the post helpful. I think the real secret is admitting we are not going to do it all and focus on the most important things. When you have a change in circumstances, it means almost starting from scratch and learning how to do it again. I tend to take things day by day and adapt as needed 🙂 Good luck and let me know if you figure it out so I can get tips too. xx

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