The Magic of Grandparents

This picture was taken by me during the summer of 2009.  Nana Haze was over from England and we were enjoying three carefree weeks of summertime fun.  The bridge is at Binny Park in Greenwich.  We call it the Mary Poppins Bridge Park as the bridges are reminiscent of the park in the Disney Movie.  Magic happens here.  From the time Peanut, my eldest son, was nursing, Nana and I took the children to Binny Park.  Each trip evolved into new discoveries:  the houses within the bushes; one for Peanut and one for Button (younger son). There was always the heron seated majestically waiting for a catch,  The lighting changed depending on the season we visited and the time of day….no two visits were the same.  Most special of all is the fact that we would spend hours there with Nana, exploring learning, bonding and enjoying…all in a way I remember doing as a child with my mother also.

When I take the kids there on my own, we last about ten minutes.  Nana creates a magical experience which opens up my sons’ eyes to the world around them.  I wan to do this, and I try to learn for it, but I concede…it is a Nana thing.

These memories make me smile.  They are special on so many levels.  Our last visit was with Button in a stroller due to pain in his legs, yet we still stayed a good hour or more…Nana magic!  I grew up with my Nana being the creator of all things wondrous and fun…I smile to see my own sons innocence retained for these special moments.

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