Thoughtful Thursday: Conversation

Having a conversation with another human being, face to face, is becoming harder to do these days. We text, email, FB, Tweet, blog, and sometimes even call…but how often do we just meet up and talk? I am guilty of favoring a quick email rather than a longer phone conversation…I have things to do. The trouble is, I have so much to do because everyone can email me or text me to tell me what they need from me…so I have to do more and more each day!

Bring back the days when we wrote letters, arranged get-togethers, or even went to visit one another. (Just keep the cell phone for emergencies.) But this wish is unrealistic. I love to blog and read what others have to say. I also text, Tweet and FB all the time. I enjoy “meeting” new people…I “met” a new friend in California a few weeks ago thanks to blogging and technology. Happily, I also spent a good hour at a friend’s house today. We sat and had a cup of tea, chatted, laughed, and planned activities together in the upcoming week. I NEED that contact too. Funny though, I emailed her later about something else!

I love to hear from you!

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