Heart Health: Finding Time

Working full-time means the late afternoons and evenings are taken up with homework, diner and housework.  Heading off to the gym is a thing of the past, although I dance once a week (usually) as my ‘escape’.  I am, unfortunately, gaining a few pounds lately.  The clothes I have managed to somewhat organize in my closet are a little tight.  My boobs walk into a room a few seconds before the rest of me.  My chin has a twin!  You get the idea.

February is also Heart-Health month and my son, Peanut, had been training for Jump-Rope For Heart at school (children asked to be sponsored to jump-rope to raise money for heart disease).  He had been jumping rope and was getting quite good. Heart-health is something I take very seriously; my grandfather passed away after a heart-attack and I have a slight murmur.  I also know that children are generally not getting the exercise they should in the modern world of driving to school, shortened recess, technological toys and over-scheduled lives.   But how could I fit in some more exercise without giving up other things such as time with the family?

Peanut actually came up with a great idea to tackle my desire to exercise more and my need to spend time with him.  We would exercise together.   He was also learning how to do circuit training in his the Phys. Ed. lessons in fourth grade.  Armed with some great exercises, Peanut put together a plan for the pair of us.  We started today…gently for Mom…and spent a wonderful  hour together.  And I really worked up a sweat!

The Plan:

  • Warm-up by walking the dog briskly around the block (extra points for getting yet another ‘got to do’ accomplished)
  • Stretches
  • Jog to end of cul-de-sac and back
  • Walk dog again (extra points racking up!)
  • Jump-rope for tem minutes (this nearly killed me)
  • Crunches
  • Push-ups (I used the modified version)
  • lunges
  • Cool-down walk

I have to say it was so much fun!  I worked on Peanut’s form with some of the movements, and he encouraged me to keep up when I was flagging.  The dog thought he was in heaven getting walked so much, although he did want to stop and sniff around which, much to his chagrin, he was was not allowed to do as we were on a mission.

Peanut and I had a bonding session which meant the world to me.  Even if we manage to squeeze in a condensed session during the school week, it will give us something to do together which is just for us and helps keep us fit.  I am always looking for ways to spend quality time with my sons.  Now I can take some pressure off myself as I am also taking care of our health at the same time.

How do you squeeze in time with your children and exercise?  Are your schedules as deranged as mine and how do you deal with it all?

14 comments on “Heart Health: Finding Time

    • Thanks…One day down, the rest to conquer! I would love to get my boys doing Yoga with me. It’s gentle enough for Button to try. I used to do exercises with my7 kids at three…it was wonderful.

  1. Hey I just read your post about your fitness plan. As a Personal Trainer I am glad to read that you are getting out and doing something about it.

    The only thing I would suggest to change in it is the crunches. As you are trying to lose the weight/trim down. Crunches don’t actually do that much in reality. Instead I would change crunches to sprinting on the spot as fast as you can for 20 seconds then take 10 seconds rest. Do this 4-6 times in a row. This will burn more fat.

    You want to aim to get your heart rate up then drop it, then raise it again and so on.

    Keep up the good work I hope that helped out a bit.

    • Thanks for the advice. I will try the fast running-on-the spot. I might have to build up to the full amount as the jog and skipping almost beat me! Time to get fit me thinks! I appreciate any input as I undertake this venture to get back in shape.

      • It is my pleasure. Everything is a build up start with the basics and then build up from there. If you are not very advanced I would cut the lunges out and replace them with squats. It will take more pressure off the knee joint. Lunges are an advanced exercise to do only after you have great squat technique. If you need any help just give me a message. I am happy to give you advice. You can find my blog on lovelifeandfitness.wordpress.com

        Here is a quick how to do a squat properly guide

        1. keep you chest up tall and puff it out like a gorilla throughout the exercise.
        2. sit right back like you are trying to find a chair that is far away. (You can use a chair to practice by sitting on the edge of the chair then stand up and sit back down.)
        3. At the bottom of the squat make sure your knees are not going past your toes 🙂 Good Luck.

      • Thank you for the tips…I am not a newbie just very ‘out of practice’. I do need to take it slow. I’ll hop on over to your blog too.
        Katy x

  2. Thanks for joining the Alexa Hop! I promised my dog King that on Monday when I return from my art fair out of town…we will start our daily walks…no matter what the weather! I read James’s comments ..I will take his suggestions! Thanks for getting me started!

    • I think it is a great idea. I see everyone commented on my old blog so hopefully the next round can be about this blog…:) My fault…I joined before moving..duh!

    • Getting into a routine before the baby will help you stay on track a little. All bets are off once little one arrives, however, and you will find yourself blissfully content no matter what. Looking forward to following your adventures with baby in the future xxx

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