A New Entryway

I am not sticking to my usual script here and it did, in fact, take me some time to decide to write about this, but I am, so here goes. I have been thinking about making my entryway a lot more attractive lately. What has this got to do with being healthy? You may ask. Well, I completely believe that health comes in many forms, both mental and physical. I know that my mind has to feel calm in order or me to even contemplate getting my body into some semblance of healthy. What better way than to boost my mood than to walk in after a long day at work to this:

Okay, my entryway is not going to look quite like the Pottery Barn perfection seen here. I am a realist and understand my own limitations…plus the fact my house just isn’t going to grow those windows!

What I can do is take the mood this entryway creates and try to emulate it in my space. Right now I have soft yellow walls that annoy the heck out of me. I love the color, but I just don’t like the feel I get as I walk in to it. I love calming blues, greens and golds on a neutral background. I can capture that with a lick of non-VOC paint and some major Hubby love. Unfortunately, Hubby only recently painted the yellow I chose (what was I thinking?). I need to do some special persuading for this one. I guess he’s going to get that iPad after all!

I could go the ultra lavish route on this but where’s the fun in that? I’d rather piece it together with great bargains and some fun, mind clearing shopping fun. So my next home project will be to create an inviting and calming entryway for me to feel welcome and happy as I arrive home each day.

Do you have great ideas for eco-friendly bargain hunting for a look like the one above? Please let me know! I’ll fill you in as I find great things for my new happy place.

I love to hear from you!

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