Review and Giveaway – Coconut Oil for the Skin eBook

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Many of you know I am a huge fan of coconut oil. I have sung its praises several times and use it daily both on my cooking and on my skin. Most recently, I discovered it could help Button’s outbreak of eczema; I literally brought down the swelling and soreness with a good lick of my coconut oil moisturizer.

I was delighted to discover the queen of coconut oil, Jennifer, over at Hybrid Rasta Mama, has brought out a fantastic eBook, Coconut Oil for Your skin: Nourishing Your Body From the Outside In. I was very lucky to receive a free copy of this eBook (full disclosure) and happily want to share how fabulous it is.

In this carefully crafted book, Jennifer begins with a detailed breakdown of the carrier oils and butters used in the recipes. I was easily able to identify which would be best for my skin type and age (yes, I’m looking at the best way to stay wrinkle-free at my age). Surprisingly, I may actually change my skincare a little based on Jennifer’s suggestions for slightly older than 30ish skin.

There are guidelines provide for using the carrier oils which I found very helpful despite being a casual user already. There a different types to look for and Jennifer explains the benefits and downsides of each. There are even notes outlining things to be aware of when using certain textured butters and oils. This is helpful if you have an aversion to grittier bases, but she also explains how one can avoid this texture while still using the oil or butter.

The book then breaks down all the essential oils into Physical Benefits and Emotional Benefits. I went through the chart highlighting my needs and then had an instant list of the best oils for me. I felt this was a wonderful way for me to customize my skincare routine in very specific ways: I now have nighttime lotions to sooth and relax, a facial cleanser and moisturizer to help me with concentration and memory, and another set for anxiety and fatigue. Talk about tailored beauty!

When making home-made products, one has to consider how to store them correctly. Coconut Oil for Your Skin discusses this and even notes ideas for how to tell if your carrier oil or essential oil has gone off. Jennifer helped me understand how to store ingredients. I have a collection of glass jars ready for my concoctions, but I loved reading more specific directions for each type of oil. There are even guidelines for what to look out for in store-bought essential oil packaging; something I had never considered before. There is a resource included for places to buy high quality oils.

Once you, the reader, has a good understanding of the basics for your oil and butter collection, Jennifer then shares some truly delicious recipes for just about any part of your body you can think of. There are bath oils, washes and soaks for a variety of skin types. Facial scrubs, masks and cleaners with some ingredients that sound good enough to eat! Hair is taken care of be you blonde, brunette, straight or curly, including deep conditioning treatments and scalp treats. Your lips are looked after, and chocolate (yes, you read that right) is an ingredient, which made my day. Jennifer looks after the whole body with recipes for after sun lotion, muscle soother, insect repellent, and even toothpaste! There really are too many types to mention.

So, how can you get your hands on this fabulous resource? Hop on over to Hybrid Rasta Mama to purchase your copy…it is well worth the price! As one of my readers, you can use the code HEALTHY10 to get 10% off your purchase.

This is too great a book to pass up, however, and I am hosting a wonderful GIVEAWAY so you get the chance to WIN your own copy of Coconut Oil for Your skin by Jennifer at Hybrid Rasta Mama. The easy entry giveaway will run from April 20-April 30 and you could be the lucky WINNER!

Enter below for your chance to win Coconut Oil for Your skin and give yourself the chance to pamper your skin from the outside in. You know you deserve it!

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9 comments on “Review and Giveaway – Coconut Oil for the Skin eBook

  1. Coconut Oil is only just beginning to get the respect it deserves. I would love to win this Ebook, I really need to learn more about it’s uses and applications! I think my favorite Essential Oil is Eucalyptus for it’s many many uses!

  2. It’s so hard to pick one essential oil that I love because I use so many every day… today I’ve been using cypress and thyme to help my body heal from Pleurisy. Probably my most favorite would be a blend by doTerra called On Guard.

  3. What a detailed review! This looks like a great book to get. Thanks for all the information. I have not yet used coconut oil but will give it a try now. I love lavender essential oil.

    • I will take a look…I didn’t make anything mandatory so I have no idea why it is happening. Hopefully I can fix it. Thanks for letting me know and sorry for the hassle xxx

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