Belly Fat Zapping Menu- More Ideas

Belly Fat Foods - Fruits

As I continue to try to zap my belly fat, I am working on creating a healthy daily menu plan. I am not good at piecing a whole week together and then sticking to it, so I’d rather share ideas as I actually use them myself. My goal is to eat nutritious food that also contains fiber, protein and the right kind of fats.

2 eggs scrambled
2 slices whole-wheat toast (margarine optional -I spread raw honey on mine)
1⁄2 cup mixed fruit and 1⁄2 cup Greek yogurt

Snack #1:
Organic carrots (about 2 cut into strips) with 1 tablespoon hummus

Belly Fat Foods

1 cup chicken noodle soup
4 whole-wheat crackers
Mixed green salad with 1 tablespoon grated hard cheese (cheddar for me) and 5 sliced olives tossed with 2 teaspoons olive oil and vinegar

Snack #2:
11⁄2 cups watermelon chunks

4 ounces grilled lean steak
1⁄2 cup mashed potatoes (can be made with margarine but I used Greek yoghurt)
1 cup steamed broccoli with 2 teaspoons Parmesan cheese

Belly Fat Food Watermelon

I have to watch portion sizes as I have a tendency to keep eating even when I am full…just a bad habit I need to constantly watch. I do find, however, that having to stick to a recipe is helping. Perhaps I need to stop being so creative with my experimental meals and crack open the cookbooks!

2 comments on “Belly Fat Zapping Menu- More Ideas

  1. i have been doing this “clean eating” cleanse this week and I have to say… after just a few days, my belly was feeling flatter. it was the elimination of sugars that I think really did it. i have been having a smoothie for breakfast (made with banana, flax meal, an orange, a really big bunch of spinach or kale…) and vegetarian meals for these 7-days + snacks like you of hummus/veggies or soaked almonds. it ends of Friday, and while we already eat a lot of veggies, it has made me mindful of how GOOD I feel. how full of energy. and the fact that I have lost 3 lbs this week is a nice bonus too! hello skinny jeans!

    • We had state math tests today and I finished feeling a little stressed – mainly becasue I hated seeing my students so stressed! Anyway….I reached for the massive cupcake with oodles of chocolate on top…Ooops! Oh well, I usually feel better when I eat the belly-fat foods 🙂

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