Memories Bring Joy

"Memories bring joy"
What an amazing day! I did not do anything spectacular, in fact it was quite a dull day on the surface. But despite the never-ending state testing and laborious task of getting my nails done for a meeting I’m about to attend, for some reason I hate it, I rediscover something exceedingly wonderful.

I read through some blogs as I waited I my car for the downpour of rain to stop. One of them talked about things to do with your family instead of watching tv. The usual list came up: go for a walk, read books, play games etc. An as a family, we really are not big on T.V. anyway.

What I did get from the article was a beautiful reminder of how special my time with my children is. I thought about how much we like to be together, actually enjoying one another’s company. We plan to go out together, exercise together, and family night is virtually sacred.

This day was amazing because I didn’t beat myself up about not being the best mom ( I could do that very easily) but instead, I sat alone reliving all the wonderful moments I’ve enjoyed with my family, playing a movie in my head, seeing the smiles and laughter as if I was actually there.

Who needs yoga, massage or a shrink? Just stop and daydream about your memories for a while. It is mightily refreshing!

12 comments on “Memories Bring Joy

  1. last weekend– when I had thoughts of everything I *should* be doing racing through my head– I announced to the kids that it was “board game hour!”. they went banana with excitement. amazing how an hour of undivided (no FB, email, cooking something, folding laundry….) attention refreshed ALL of us. my included, for sure. thanks for this reminder today.

    • Your ‘board game hour’ sounds like it was great fun, Eila. Our kids are young for such a short time, we have to grab ’em while we can before teenage angst begins and we start thinking of ANYTHING we can do to keep busy and not panicking over them! 🙂

  2. Our family is going through some rough times right now and some of what makes us all feel better is talking about the good times we have had in the past and reminding ourselves that we will have them again.

    • I am so sorry to hear that, Teressa. I am glad you are able to talk together and remember the good times. I understand what hard times can be like..sending loads of higs and love to you.xxxx

  3. Beautiful! Memories are what sustain us through the difficult times but you have also found that they pick us up and refresh us at any time ~ something many people do not learn until they are hit with the difficult times. Thanks for sharing your discovery. It is a tremendous one to share.

    Not only do our little ones grow up quickly, but you also never know when your last day together will be. I have experienced the loss of one of my sons. It was sudden and unexpected. My memories are all I have now ~ and our undying love that will be with me forever. I miss him beyond words…

    • Your loss can never be fully comprehended by anyone who has not been through it. I am so sorry that you lost your son…I really don’t have words that are good enough. Happy memories are so unbelievably precious.

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