Eddie Vedder – Every Mother Counts

Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam

Every Mother Counts is an organization whose mission is to raise awareness and finding to prevent needless complications during pregnancy for mothers around the world. Statistics show that a mother dies every 90 seconds from childbirth complications. Ninety percent of those deaths can be prevented.

Eddie Vedder happens to be one of my favorite artists. I am a HUGE Pearl Jam fan and love his solo work. I admire his drive to help important causes. Vedder’s involvement in a compilation album to raise awareness for Every Mother Counts yielded this beautiful song which is such a far cry from early Vedder angst and rage. He has children now; he is a little like the Lorax, only he doesn’t “speak for the trees”, instead he sings for humanity, the environment and now, for mommy’s everywhere. Enjoy! But please check out Every Mother Counts and become aware.

The full track listing for the CD is as follows. Songs with an asterisk indicate previously unheard tracks.

Bono and the Edge “Original of the Species” (acoustic) *
Eddie Vedder ” Skipping” *
Paul Simon and Edie Brickell “Pretty Day” *
Faith Hill “Wish for You”
Sade “The Sweetest Gift”
Lauryn Hill “I Remember”
Rita Wilson “Baby I’m Yours” *
Diana Krall “Don’t Fence Me In” *
Seal “Secret”
Dave Matthews Band “Sister” (live) *
Sting “Fragilidad”
Alanis Morissette “Magical Child” *
Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros “Mother” *
David Bowie “Everyone Says ‘Hi'”
Cedella Marley “Get Up Stand Up” *
Beck “Corrina, Corrina” *
Rufus Wainwright “Instead of the Dead” *
Patti Smith “Somalia” *
Coldplay “Yellow” (acoustic) *

Read more about the album here.

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