Pinterest Obsessed?

I’m really loving Pinterest lately. I have noticed a wee dribble of traffic coming from there, but I actually get addicted to pinning and looking at what everyone else has pinned. Want to plan a meal? Go to Pinterest and see what looks yummy, click and ‘voila!” you have a new recipe! Need inspiration for a decorating makeover? There are SOOOO many great ideas to use. Don’t forget to check out the post on my last Pinterest find here.

Inspirational quotes are nice to pin also. They often catch my attention and I go back to them when I feel the need. While thinking about peace of mind. I enjoy the beauty of some of the pictures or photographs I’ve pinned along the way. Some are calming, others remind me of happy memories. Some are just too nice to pass up!.

I pin music too….not literally, but images associated with the music I like. I’m a little Pearl Jam heavy right now as I am a crazy fan and their tour of Europe has me gnashing my teeth to get over there. It’s not gonna happen, but a girl can dream!

Many of you know, I love to craft. I pin great crafting ideas so I can try them out later. I now have a full years worth of crafting projects to do either by myself or with the boys. I know I won’t get to them all, but one day….

I am sure many of you are more expert at pinning than me, so I won’t go on extolling the virtues of this social network. I am just going to share my top 5 pins this week. They may not be the most popular, but they are pins I really like. I’m hoping it becomes a regular feature. It is actually nice to share pins instead of pinning them…makes me feel like I am actually doing more with them 🙂

Stone Feet



Favorite places

Vacation Memory Jars

And I know I said top 5 but I had to include Pearl Jam as they have had such an amazing tour…


What I wouldn’t give to be at the front of that crowd!!!

I love to hear from you!

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