Plants: Our Natural Friends


Apparently inside our home is less healthy than outside. Yup!  We have insulated ourselves to death…well, almost.  Although people now live longer, I am not sure they live healthier.  I know we don’t go around dying of plague anymore…phew!  But many more people are contracting cancers, developing learning disabilities, and asthma has reached new heights in terms of ‘getting us”.  In my own, somewhat “green and organic” home, I have a son with asthma, a son with leukemia and a hubby with ADD!  I will not start trying to pinpoint the reasons for these issues…it is life today!

Anyway, back to my point….keeping our homes healthy involves purifying the air, especially as we hate opening windows…the pollen makes us sneeze….the air conditioning is on….it’s too cold….we’ve crazy-glued them shut to prevent drafts….etc.  So let’s turn to our friends…PLANTS!

Plants are natural air purifiers.  They work outside so well…until we cut them down and destroy the ozone, but they can work just as well inside too.  (BTW  the expensive air-ionizers produce ozone which is good thousands of mile up, but hazardous to our health inside the home!)

Plants absorb toxins, boost oxygen levels and look pretty.  Philodendrons are a good choice, along with palms, ferns, spider plants and lilies.  Just remember to look after your friends like they are looking after you and water them as needed.  🙂