Bucket List

There are many things I hope to do before my children are grown up.  Once they are adults, I shall have many other pleasures to look forward to.  But for now, I intend to treasure moments with them and find some special times for myself too…mummy’s need that as well, you know!  So here are the things I hope to accomplish over the next ten years.

  1. Take my children to Hawaii
  2. Ski with my children
  3. Sail on the ocean (children a bonus)
  4. See Pearl Jam live (no children)
  5. See Eddie Vedder live 
  6. Picnic on the beach as we all watch the sun set
  7. Learn Photoshop and improve my photography
  8. Learn to play the guitar
  9. Learn another language and practice it in the native country (Children invited)
  10. Start my own Etsy shop (probably with the crafts I created for my babies)
  11. Go on safari
  12. Spend one summer RVing with the children (just for fun!) and to see more of this great country
  13. House swap to a beautiful country
  14. Fly in a helicopter
  15. Get one good family portrait
  16. Pay off the credit cards (before we pay for college)
  17. Decide how I want to decorate the house
  18. Grow a vegetable and herb garden
  19. Ride along a beach on a horse with the children
  20. Try acupuncture
  21. Commit to a form of exercise and do it regularly
  22. Have family dinners more than once a week
  23. Hike up a mountain and show the boys what a great world we live in from the top
  24. Bake a cake that can be eaten by humans
  25. Donate bone marrow
  26. Drop the 10lbs that have snuck up on me since turning 40!

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