Back to School Lunches

After searching a little for BPA-free products and seeing some of the prices, I came across those pictured above in my local Stop and Shop!  The lunchbox kit has a built-in icepack and fits, what I would call, a decent sized lunch.

 I tend to do smorgasbord of things, and the kids love it.  They get a cold-cut or cold chicken from a roast the night before, raw fruits and veggies, and yoghurt, or organic Mac n’ Cheese in a thermos.  I use a small portion of the Mac n’ Cheese as part of the meal, rather than make it the whole meal…hoping to create a more balanced diet. One son love sandwiches so he will get those also…but always with raw fruits and veggies.

I decided to place a house-hold ban on dishwashing or microwaving ANYTHING plastic.  That has been my rule anyway, but Hubby tended to ignore it, and I was not as diligent as I should have been in enforcing it.  I think he got the message, however, when I threw out any plastic cup, plate, or container that had been used in the forbidden manner, and told him I will do the same again if he breaks the rule, and I wouldn’t replace them this time…remember he has a sound sensitivity to ceramic dishes and cutlery!!!

To store cooked foods which tend to be hot or warm when you put them into the container, I purchased the item below (several, actually, in different sizes).  These came from Home Goods so were very inexpensive and made of glass with a PBA-free lid.  So far, things have worked out very well.

Here’s my overall take:  Sometimes plastic is just more practical: I don’t want my kids breaking their backs carrying bags filled with glass containers to school!!!  I also have to stay married to Hubby…he has his good points….so I am willing to compromise to an extent.  However, plastic is NOT meant to suffer heat, freezing or microwaves. I won’t risk any of these things, even if the claim says it is safe.  Lead and asbestos were safe once!!!!

Poisonous P’s

It is incredible how much plastic we are forced to use each day.  Take a look around the local supermarket and you will see how much food and supplies comes packaged in plastic.  Some of this plastic cannot be recycled.  Some of it can emit harmful yucky stuff and possibly cause terrible issues such as cancer, neurological and sexual problems.  Yet it is everywhere! 
When I use plastic containers, given my hubby and eldest son have sensory issues with ceramic dishes I sometimes am forced to get out the plastic bowls, I check their numbers.  Anything with a 1 or 2 on it is generally recyclable and is safe unless heated.  (Remember plastic water bottles should not be reused -bacteria growth – or allowed to heat up in the sun.)  It is better still to go with other options such as ceramics, class or china. 
Any plastic with numbers 3, 6, or 7 contain yucky things such as BPA (Bisphanol A).  This can be transmitted into your food…yuck! It was also classified as a toxic material in Canada in 2010.  Numbers 4 and 5 are okay, although toxic during production, they are not known to leak chemicals to the consumer.  However, recycling 4 and 5 seems a little less desirable now.

FYI – I recently discovered, and I apologize that I cannot remember the source, that tin cans are lined with toxic materials.  Even they are not a good choice. 
So it is frozen or fresh produce….with minimal packaging, preservatives and pesticides..oh, I’ve just created my own Poisonous P’s!!!!!  And all food shall be served in loud, clangy, toxic-free ceramic plates and bowls.