Back to School BPA-Free

Having just scared the wits out of myself, I decided to look into some good ideas for safe food containers, dishes etc.  I was also prompted by a slight tiff between hubby and I over my choice of a ceramic bowl for my breakfast this morning.  Here is what I found.  I have not tested any of them yet, but will let you know what I get and how I like them.

For those who have quite a lot of money to spend (not me), I discovered Laptop Lunches.  They are beautiful and free of all the things we want to keep our of our homes.  Below is a picture of some of the lunch boxes and the accompanying safety info from the website.   Click on the link to see more information and pricing.

containers, food, plactic

  • Safe! NO lead, BPA, phthalates or PVC
  • Cost-effective – pays for itself in just 3 weeks
  • Reusable – lasts for years
  • Recycled & Recyclable
  • Easy to Clean
  • Waste-free Food containers made in the USA Made in the USA
Next I found a good water bottle for kids and adults.  They are seen all over my classroom and I know they hold up to bangs and last a long time without leaking.
They are reasonably priced and the website has a store locator…I have about 10 stores within five miles which sell them…no shipping costs.  Accessories including lunch boxes are available, but they seem to be small and expensive:
SIGG aluminum boxes are practical and versatile – use them for your little snacks in between meals or as a simple storage box for your office, kitchen or bedroom.

Maxi is our large box and measures 228x145x77mm or 8.97×5.70×3.03 inches.
Still hunting, I discovered Thermos is another popular and safe manufacturer of BPA free products.  Their  water bottles are leakproof and cool (important for school).

Lunch boxes made out of stainless steel are safer than carrying heavy glass around in a schoolbag.  I found these at MightyNest:

Eco Stainless Steel Food Container Details:

BPA, PVC and Phthalate Free.  LunchBots are stainless steel food containers that are perfect for lunch and snacks, are healthier than plastic and better for the environment. Both the container and the lid are made from the highest quality, 18/8 (#304) stainless steel.  LunchBots are safe, eco-friendly, and durable.

They are reasonably priced and come in a variety of sizes.  Dishwasher safe, BPA and phosphate free…very Mom-friendly 🙂

I also decided to look into a big store to see what they had that was BPA free.  Target had a number of plastic containers that were BPA free.  They were generally sold as ‘Dishwasher Safe” and some were even “Microwave Safe’.  I might consider these as cheeper options but NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES wash them in the dishwasher or microwave them.

I really feel using common sense is key.  Plastic destroys the earth and contains synthetic materials.  Over the years, we have discovered that ingredients in plastic can cause neurological issue, birth defects, impair cognitive development and lead to cancer.  So what will they discover in a few more years?

Poisonous P’s

It is incredible how much plastic we are forced to use each day.  Take a look around the local supermarket and you will see how much food and supplies comes packaged in plastic.  Some of this plastic cannot be recycled.  Some of it can emit harmful yucky stuff and possibly cause terrible issues such as cancer, neurological and sexual problems.  Yet it is everywhere! 
When I use plastic containers, given my hubby and eldest son have sensory issues with ceramic dishes I sometimes am forced to get out the plastic bowls, I check their numbers.  Anything with a 1 or 2 on it is generally recyclable and is safe unless heated.  (Remember plastic water bottles should not be reused -bacteria growth – or allowed to heat up in the sun.)  It is better still to go with other options such as ceramics, class or china. 
Any plastic with numbers 3, 6, or 7 contain yucky things such as BPA (Bisphanol A).  This can be transmitted into your food…yuck! It was also classified as a toxic material in Canada in 2010.  Numbers 4 and 5 are okay, although toxic during production, they are not known to leak chemicals to the consumer.  However, recycling 4 and 5 seems a little less desirable now.

FYI – I recently discovered, and I apologize that I cannot remember the source, that tin cans are lined with toxic materials.  Even they are not a good choice. 
So it is frozen or fresh produce….with minimal packaging, preservatives and pesticides..oh, I’ve just created my own Poisonous P’s!!!!!  And all food shall be served in loud, clangy, toxic-free ceramic plates and bowls.