Am I on Track with my Own Health?

It is time to check in with myself to see how i am doing with my project, A Better Me. The goals I set were doable:

1. Find a way to drag my butt out to a class of some kind…one that I will enjoy and keep doing.

2. Resume home-cooked meals at night rather than ordering in, cereal or quick-cook pizza

3. Actually take the vitamins I have in the cupboard!

4. Begin a schedule for keeping on top of the housework – one that is realistic and includes help from the whole family

5. Drink more water – five 8oz glasses. (And while I’m at it, water the plants that I KNOW are improving the air quality in my house)


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A Better Me: Restorative Yoga Workshops – Free

A Better Me is a new project involving steps I plan to take to find more energy and better health.  Read about my project here.   A wonderful  way to release the tension in my body is with physical exercise.  Here is the plan for this step:

I have decided to put an end to my exhaustion once and for all.  My doctor has given me the all clear as far as physical issues are concerned…I am fit apparently!  But now I need to get the sluggishness out and some zing in.  One of the ways I plan on accomplishing my goal is to begin a yoga class.  I have tried some classes over the years, and I tend to post myself at the back struggling and shaking like a leaf as I hold a ridiculous position for longer than my body can handle.  The result is often more fatigue and stress, a feeling of failure, and the determination never to go back!

Then I heard about Restorative Yoga, a practice where the body is taught to relax and de-stress.  Now that is more like it!  I was with delight that I discovered there is a free class offered  in my area.  Click here to go to the information.  It also explains Restorative Yoga better  than I can.  If you live further afield, I have heard that many Yoga studios offer trial classes.  If they are not offered on the website or in the literature, give them a call and ask…you never know?  I find it works a treat.

So I am putting my Goal into motion….I am actively seeking a physical remedy for my exhaustion.

What are you doing to help yourself?  Have you broken your goals down into smaller, manageable steps?  Are you willing to put yourself first for a while and believe in the mantra…healthy mom, happy family!  

Sunday Stats

So I have been half-heartedly (read…too busy) to exercise or try hard at getting fit.  Drat the summer with all it’s fun and times to devote to playing with my sons.  I guess I am a schedule person….no schedule, no discipline!  I will post my thoughts on that another time.

Anyway, here are my stats for today…last week is first, today’s are in bold.

Weight: 145lbs – 144lbs

Height: 5’6″ – 5’6″

Waist: 34″ – 33.5″

Chest: 37.5″ – 37.5″

Hips: 40.5″ – 40″

Thigh: 23″ – 22.5″

So my little walks and smaller meals might be helping.  I did eat Hitachi but only small portions and had leftovers for a couple of days.  I did drink Sangria and indulged in pasta at a friend’s party.    I even had ice cream a couple of times.  It seems smaller portions are key to me not blowing up like a balloon, which I would normally do if I ate these things all in one week at their regular portion size.  Instead I enjoyed the food and did not grow a dress size!
Okay, I was aiming to become more healthy and feel better…not happening my next move is to do the following:
  • Exercise at least three times a week
  • Continue with smaller portions
  • Take Omega 3 oils, magnesium and calcium (I am at the age where I should do this)
  • Continue to detox my house by following healthy practices (read those plastic labels well people!) and add more plants for a natural way to cleanse the air.
I am not going to kid myself that I am going to successfully do more than this…I need to build up…make these habits and then
add-on to them over time.
I hear thunder in the distance so I’m off to walk the dog before the storm hits.  I will post about my new plants next!