Family Fun

Yankee Stadium on July 1, 2010

Yankee Stadium on July 1, 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I love the summer when we pack up the boys and three generations head off to watch the Yankees play. We sometimes have good seats, sometimes not so great, but it is always the buzz that keeps us happy. Nana and Poppa, Nana Haze, Uncle Ricky, my hubby and my boys…all my favorite people in one place watching my favorite team.

I don’t eat hotdogs, but they are delicious when they cost more than any sane human being would generally be willing to pay for them.  I am not a big beer drinker; but I love the flat, easy to spill water with some bubbles and a color reminiscent of pee…and generally chug a few while I cheer for the Yankees (even more if they are losing).

I often sit and soak up the enormity of the stadium.  Yes, it is large, but I really mean the history behind it (with the old stadium), and the possibilities for the memories that will be created for generations to come in the new stadium.  I know my boys will be sitting in those seats with their own children, eating hotdogs (goodness only know what they will cost then…but they will be REALLY delicious), and there is the possibility that I will be included as the grandmother, in keeping with the three generations that visit and cheer together today.

I do like the game, but there is so much more to the experience.  Soaking it all in with the eyes of a child, marvelling at the architecture so obviously paying homage to the old stadium, but infusing a new hope in its design.  I imagine myself at the old games, I mean really old games..watching the greats of yesteryear making history.  Strangely, I usually view these montages in black and white, even on the sunniest of days.

I love Yankee stadium, spending special time with my family and cheering on between mouthfuls of junk and watery bubble pee.  It is magical in a special way…I never went as a child, so I am a child when I go now…I just have to remember to keep an eye on the kids from time to time!

The Benefits of Family Schedules

Time to make a volcano!

This week has been one of renewal: I finally went back to an exercise class, I set up my desk to ensure personal space for my writing and blogging. I played outside with the boys instead of insisting that homework take center stage (not that I would condone this often, but we needed to play together). We managed to share more family meals than usual (still not perfect), and I was available to supervise homework while cooking – somehow the planets aligned and it was successful! Best of all, I stopped to watch my kids doing things. I know that may sound strange to you all, but I have been so busy being busy, I sometimes neglected to enjoy the two reasons I am working hard in the first place. For example, I had found some time to blog. During this time, Peanut practiced his baseball skills in the yard. Normally, I would have valued my personal time and just continued blogging, but I did something else instead; I sat at my window and watched my son pitch, catch, hit, repeat…I loved seeing Peanut figure out how to throw the ball different ways. I noticed how tall he had become…the batting practice “thing” was finally the right height for him! I also realized he needed a haircut!

You may be thinking at this point just how bad I am at being a mother. Why on earth would this week seemed so special? I do spend time with the boys, and I notice them a great deal too. Being a working mom makes weekdays a little stressful; I am usually running around like a headless chicken, too busy catching up with housework, coveting a moment to myself, becoming “Mommy on a mission” with panic-stricken eyes if extra homework is assigned. Instead, this week I was much more “Mommy ain’t stressing over it” and yet things got done. The secret to this week: a schedule! Continue reading


In order to make a change, I need to acknowledge how life is now….today….for real. I must not sugar coat it (too many calories), and I should paint as clear a picture as I can in order to successfully move into a healthier lifestyle.

I work. I am a mom. I run a house. I have pets. I have friends. I have family. I have pediatric cancer in my life.

Soooo…all these people and things pull at me in some way. True, they also give back in many ways, but each demand a great deal of time from me.


Get up 5:30am, get ready, get boys ready and head to work – out the house by 7am
Day at work with 20+ students
Tues, Wed, Thurs, – posible after school meetings
Monday – after school, at home with boys, guitar lesson for oldest, homework, dinner, get kids ready for bed, hubby home late
Tuesday – after school either Gildas Club for sibling (Sib) of Cancer Kid (CK) or baseball, homework, dinner, kids to bed, grade papers, plan lessons
Wednesday – usually after school meetings, baseball, homework, dinner, I try to go to a dance class – it’s been four weeks since I last went, School work as needed
Thursday – 6am take CK to Clinic for chemo…get to work…after school Sib goes to therapy, homework, dinner kids to bed, school work as needed
Friday – After school is dedicated to FAMILY NIGHT. Take out and a movie or games.
Housework, laundry, organizing the devastation from the week
Try to hang out with the boys individually in an activity not involving schoolwork
Catching up with family and friends
Shopping for food and essentials
Catch up with any schoolwork needing to be completed
Saturday – swimming lessons and baseball
Sunday – baseball
Busy schedule which includes a 45 minute commute each way to work and back, the boys go to bed at 7pm and lights go out at 8pm – during this time we talk, read and snuggle.

So, when should I work out? How will I juggle the kids’ schedule? Will I make it to a gym? What about a class with a friend?

I have no idea….time to make a plan and see what happens…oh, and I need to revamp the dreadful diet of take-out meals and quick snacks on-the-go!