Breakfast Sandwiches – Mediterranean Style!

Simple meze of feta cheese and olives: charact...


Today is the last day of summer vacation for the boys.  We are about to head off on a family day out….not sure where..we like to just go and see where we end up ūüôā    To set us up for the adventure,  I made a delicious breakfast for the family.

My boys are beginning to appreciate stacking and building food, burger-style.  Peanut tends to add more variety than does Button, but adapting the presentation of the food, a la family style, helps encourage them to experiment.  Scouring the fridge for ingredients my boys might eat, I pulled together the following hearty and protein-packed breakfast. Continue reading

Review and Giveaway – Coconut Oil for the Skin eBook

eBook Giveaway

Many of you know I am a huge fan of coconut oil. I have sung its praises several times and use it daily both on my cooking and on my skin. Most recently, I discovered it could help Button’s outbreak of eczema; I literally brought down the swelling and soreness with a good lick of my coconut oil moisturizer.
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Lemon Salt Body Scrub

I love the daffodils blooming in the garden, the blossoms bursting forth upon the trees. These are signs that spring is here, not to mention the unusually warm weather! I have been faithfully applying my coconut and olive oil body juice each day, and I’m very pleased with my skin. But now am going to be baring all, at least in terms of showing a little more leg, foot and arm, I want to take my beauty routine up a notch and give my skin some power-washing. Continue reading

Coconut Oil

Continuing my Oil theme, I want to extol the wonders of my new favorite oil: Coconut Oil.  I know many people are on the fence about this natural oil because it is packed with the evil saturated fat!!!


Well, my friends, there is good news.  Firstly, take a look at the populations that are the largest consumers of coconut oil and related products (due to the fact they live in an area that provides oodles of coconuts as a natural resource).  These populations tend to have much less heart disease or diabetes than North America and many European countries.  Then read here to learn more about studies on coconut oil which contains lauric acid which is excellent for heart health.  Finally, head off to one of my favorite blogs, Hybrid Rasta Mama where you will find wonderful news about coconut oil and some delicious ideas for its use.

I have found that I cook with coconut oil almost all the time when cooking for the boys. ¬†My relationship with this oil began when my son’s nutritionist (when undergoing chemo) helped me create menus that would build up my son from frail waif to superman. ¬†She explained that this oil would provide healthy fats which were much needed…this worried me that I would gain weight too, but she assured me that the fats were actually good for maintaining a healthy weight and reducing the waistline.

I recently posted about making a protein breakfast with coconut oil used for the scrambled eggs. ¬† Delicious! ¬†I also use coconut oil when boiling pasta, saut√©ing vegetables, and making popcorn. ¬†Some people use it for baking (I don’t bake so I can’t rave about it personally). ¬†There are also several non-culinary ways I use this versatile oil:

1. Lib balm: straight from the tub, scoop a little out and use a finger to rub on lips. ¬†Just make sure you don’t lick it off if you love coconut! ¬†I have not had chapped lips all winter.

2.¬†Hair treatment:¬†Scoop a quarter-sized scoop from the tub and massage into scalp. ¬†Better than any product merely containing coconut oil! ¬†I do mix with olive oil also to help the oil massage more easily. ¬†I am left with gorgeous smelling, shiny, and healthy hair. ¬†I don’t go for trims as often as I don’t get split ends. (I will comb the oils down the shaft of my hair to coat it all over after a lovely scalp massage.

3. Boo boos: ¬†Yes, I have spread coconut oil on my kids’ boo boos before. ¬†The oil contains anti-fungal, antibacterial, and antiviral properties. ¬†it also speeds up the healing time of bruises.

4.¬†Skin softener:¬†a great alternative to olive oil as a softener. ¬†As I become more worldly about the junk marketed in pretty bottles, I find myself wanting to use only ingredients safe enough to eat on my skin…the largest organ of the body!

5. Dog/Cat coat glosser: Again, just like olive oil, this oil glosses up coats and also lubricates the inner workings of our  pets beautifully.

6. Deodorant:¬†don’t look so shocked…it works. ¬†I mix with baking soda for even better results.

So that is my little list of great things I do with coconut oil. ¬†This list is tiny in comparison to my friend, the true coconut oil expert over at Hybrid Rasta Moma¬†who has 160 uses to date. ¬†She is my inspiration and I will be visiting her site to develop my own repertoire of uses. If you haven’t tried coconut oil yet, I suggest you give it a whirl….it’s wonderful!

Healthy, Lazy Dinner

From Happy Healthy Mama

After a long day at work and the commute home, it is hard to muster up the energy or enthusiasm to cook.  On days when my oomph has deserted me, I like to open a bottle of red and make up a new recipe.  The adventure lies in the fact that I have absolutely no idea about the outcome…will it be edible?  Will I like it?  Will the kids eat it?

I always know it will be healthy, but edible is another matter.  I am typing as I am waiting for the concoction to cook, so I really don’t know the answer!  Here is what I decided to put together:

4 organic boneless/skinless chicken breasts saut√©ed in coconut oil, garlic, organic tinned tomatoes and a good dose of wine ‚Äď all simmered down to a mush (my technical term) and I cut up the chicken into strips. I also sprinkled sesame seeds on¬†the chicken as it cooked‚Ķyummy!

1 cup of quinoa most of which I add to the concoction, leaving some plain for fussy kids.

Steamed green beans

So simple to throw together…no measuring (except the quinoa) and it smells delicious!  Now I’m off to serve the meal.  I’ll report back in a few.  Oh!  I forgot to grab the camera so I’m adding pictures more for the sake of interest than to actually show my handiwork.

Okay, I’m back and we all survived.  I think the meal was pretty successful all in all.  I think the following tips helped that happen:

  • I served everything family style so the boys could be in charge of what they chose and how much they put on their plates – I’ve always done this but was reminded how helpful it can be over at Blog for Family Dinner
  • I served the concoction in one dish (chicken, quinoa, and tomato sauce) but also served plain chicken and plain quinoa (the boys were expected to try the concoction – three bites – but could then opt for the plain versions if preferred)
  • As the boys finished their chosen portion of green beans, I gently guided them to help themselves to more, which they happily did!

We enjoyed a nice family dinner with conversation guided away from the food and towards our daily evening chat:  What was the best and worst thing about the day?  We always have that talk, as I like to catch up with things going on in my boys’ lives, but also so they have the opportunity to share anything that is not so great.   I believe in creating a safe environment to talk about the stuff that might be on their minds.  My plan is to ensure that conversation is part of our family life  now, so communication is open when we hit the dreaded teenage years.

Family Dinner Time!

As part of my project to create A Better Me I have made it a goal to eat the same healthy way I feed my children.  All to often you would find me concocting a smorgasbord of nutritionally sound, organic meals for the boys, then collapsing with a bowl of cereal or reheated pizza later on in the evening.  Not good!

So…despite Button and myself running fevers (apparently there is a virus doing the rounds), I set to work on a family dinner. ¬†Spaghetti and Meat-sauce made the organic and nutritional way (for the most part. ¬†Better yet, it was easy and I took healthy shortcuts to save my sanity, as I was not feeling so great. ¬†Here is my attempt at giving you the lowdown on how I made the meal:

First of all, I believe in organic foods as much as possible (some fruits and veggies are non-negotiable).  My main products are:

  • Organic beef (the leanest I can find)
  • Organic, whole wheat spaghetti which I am trying to mix with Ezekiel Pasta to wean the boys into the more healthy sprouted grain pasta

  • Coconut oil ¬†– the nutritionist at my son’s hospital recommended this oil above all others for its power to provide some amazing punch: ¬†there are so many benefits I won’t even try to claim expertise¬†on this, just refer you here for the lowdown.¬†
  • Wine which I store in my trusty Pellegrino bottle…I never manage to finish a bottle so I save the leftovers once they are less drinkable and use it for cooking!
  • Organic vegetables such as mushrooms, onion, yellow or red peppers, and garlic
  • Oregano
  • Kombu seaweed which naturally salts the water while providing a nutrient-rich punch which helps maintain a good digestive system (do not use daily for more than 2 weeks at a time as it contains a large amount of iodine and can imbalance the thyroid system) ¬†

I begin with melting the coconut oil in a large skillet and browning the meat usually adding a sprinkle (I don’t measure anything) of oregano.

The vegetables are very roughly chopped for two reasons.  I believe it saves time (lazy but happy) and so my fussy family can pick things out more easily while getting the goodness of having them cooking in the sauce. (I will let you into a little secret later).

I then add the veggies and cook lightly…the less cooked the better for retaining nutrients.

My favorite flavoring is, of course, the wine that I add to the sauce.  The wine is actually added during the meat browning, after the veggies are in, and I have poured the sauce over the top!  Delicious!


I cheat completely with the sauce on a workday (especially when I am running a fever) and use a delicious pre-made variety that is organic and contains less sodium than other brands.

Now for the big secret: ¬†I actually finely chop some of the veggies as they are cooking so that they become hidden in the sauce. ¬†Kiddies see big chunks of veggies and pull them out, but they don’t think to look hard at the little tiny pieces on their plate ūüôā ¬†They are also being provided the opportunity to have a go at the veggies if they so wish…eventually they will.

Once the sauce is simmering on low, I prepare the pasta. ¬†As I’m trying to include an as yet unknown pasta in the mix, I stick with regular Extra-Virgin Olive Oil (yes, it’s organic but not always), and in goes the Kombu. ¬†Once boiling, I cook for as many minutes as I think I need to (my goodness this woman doesn’t follow the rules) and serve al-dente without butter. ¬†(You can add butter to taste as desired).

In order to please everyone, I serve Peanut with the sauce on the side, Hubby and I have the plate full of pasta and sauce and poor Button had to have crackers as he was still suffering with the stomach bug…but he did join us at the table because, as he declared, “I LOVE having meals together and I don’t want to miss it!” ¬†Aww!

And that is how I throw together a healthy and tasty meal in a really short time for my boys…and now I am joining in too! ¬†Oh, and Peanut and I had leftovers for dinner tonight which tasted even better! ¬†Button has graduated to plain pancakes and Hubby was out.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring…I’m thawing out chicken as I type ūüôā